March 3, 2012


When I ran out of my beloved MUFE camouflage concealer I decided to try Bobbi Brown's corrector, which I have heard so much about. I use the color Light Peach: a soft, peachy shade that counteracts the blueness of my dark circles, and blends seamlessly. 

It lights up the under eye area without being too heavy. It can tend to look a little cakey and settle into fine lines , but I find that if I moisturize my under eye at night it's fine.  I use it with my Sephora Airbrush concealer brush, which is my favorite concealer brush. 

Left eye with BBC, Right eye bare
(Ignore my non made up face)
Overall I quite like this. I'm not sure If I'll repurchase or not. It is nice, but it does use up relatively fast. 
What is your favorite concealer? What are you using right now?

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