June 5, 2012

"So bright...so beautiful..ah, Precious"

This is end heaven! I had never heard of the brand INDOLA. (Honestly I still don't know much about it as Google wasn't very much help). All I know is :this is a professional only brand. I got my product at a salon in France. My hairdresser recommended the Glamour Precious Oil because my ends are so dry and split so easily (sounds familiar to anyone?) I used to have super thick hair when I was smaller that I always had to thin out. Oh, how I miss thee! Thanks to the repeated process and razor cuts to add layers, my hair kind of stayed thin. Now the ends are weak, thin and dry. Or should I say were? 

Behold, the miracle oil. Now, lets be realistic my hair is still thin, but I do have a lot less split ends, and softer ends

What is this great product I hear you ask? It is an oil. Yes I know helpful. The bottle says it contains Marula Oil, and will help "target damage and reduce split ends by 90% percent." Now 90% is an AWFULLY big number, but I kinda agree! (okay maybe like 50%? 55%?) I apply two to three pumps of this to the lengths, concentrating on the ends of my towel dried hair. What I love about this is that it doesn't make your hair oily at all! Now, don't go putting it all up in your roots, but it can be used on dry hair (without having your hair looking like it was dipped in the sink). It just looks shiny and feels soft. 

The bottle seems to last a really long time too! On the picture I had been using it three times a week for the past two months, and I still have loaaads left. 
It's not very easy to find though, as it is a professional only brand. So all I am saying is, if you ever see it at a salon I highly recommend you try it, because I love it. And dread the moment the bottle will be empty. My preciooous! *creepy gollum voice*

The Beautyfull Mind...

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