November 6, 2011

(Very Late) October Favorites!

Sorry about the lack of posting, my computer is being really weird, and I can never find the pictures I upload for new posts. Very frustrating. 
Anyways, on to my october favorites. I don't do some every month, first of all because sometimes their is just nothing that impressed me immensely or that I feel is worth talking about. Secondly, because honestly sometimes I completely forget. 

Something I was absolutely loving during October was very minimal makeup (as you can probably tell). Honestly about 3/4 of the month, I actually wore no makeup at all. When I did this is (more or less) what I wore:

Chanel's Illusion d'Ombre in EmerveillĂ© is the perfect nude eye shade. You probably heard a load about it. The texture is amazing and utterly indescribable. It is the perfect peach shade. The glitter is not to noticeable. It just gives a very nice glow to your eye. So effortless and beautiful. Like with the other Illusions d'Ombres, I find fingers or a blending brush (217 type) works best. I'll usually pair it with EstĂ©e Lauder's Double Wear eyeliner in 03 Bronze on the lower lashline. At first I didn't like this very much because I found it wasn't pigmented enough ( I was using it to tight line). This is not great to use on the water line, but at the base of the lashes it's beautiful. It's a soft brown with shimmer. It last a pretty long time and doesn't smudge much once its set. It comes with a smudger on the other end. I don't really wear much liner but whenever I do it's always either this or Stila's Smudge stick in a gold color ( sorry can't remember the name). Mascara I've either been wearing Prestige's My Blackest Lashes, gives nice dark and full lashes, or Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Waterproof is a blue color. Just gives simple separated and elongated lashes. Plus, I feel like the blue makes me look more awake. 

When I didn't wear makeup, I would still year YSL's Touche Eclat (everyday staple) in 3. I really like this. It has decent coverage and really illuminates. I was still able to use it on my face to cover up little blemishes or scars. It was just very versatile and easy for those morning when you sleep an extra 20 minutes. Sadly, I finishes mine (or should I say my mom's) a couple of days ago, so I am roaming through my concealer drawer looking for a replacement. I am currently using Garnier's eye roller, which is good too, but I need a separate one for the face which is kind of a pain. After concealing I would use a tiny bit of brown eyeshadow that I smudged on my lower lash line with my Royal and Langnickel Smudger BE 07. I picked up this trick from one of Pixi2woo's videos. Just gives a little bit of definition without being noticeable.
Another brush I have been loving is my Sigma SS 266, once again to apply shadow to my lower lash line, something quite unusual for me, but that I have been loving recently. 
Something I wore almost everyday was bright lipstick. I just feel like a bright lipstick makes you look and feel happier, healthier and more glow-y. My go to this month has been MAC's Impassioned. It's a bright pink with a shot or red and orange through it. The most beautiful color ever! It is also an Amplified finish (my favorite), so it's super opaque and lasts a good amount of time. 

Some more random favorites have been The Hunger Games. I read this when I went on vacation to Puerto Rico. I haven't been that captivated by a book in a very long time. Now, this is not a very difficult book to read it's a young adult novel so it's very nice and relaxing to read. Definitely go check it out! I can't wait to read the rest of the books from he trilogy! 
Finally, I have been loving my new nail polishes set up! I was starting to have nail polishes cramming up everywhere in my room, so decided to get one of those wall racks. I got mine of for a pretty decent price (around 30.00 I think). It holds 90 bottles. 

What I have you been loving this month? 

The Beautyfull Mind...

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