September 24, 2011

Fall Nail Polishes Pick

Take out your jackets and wellies everyone! Fall is officially here. Clothes are darker and skin is paler. Here are my nail polish picks to accompany them.

BUTTER LONDON (No Name?): First can I say how cool and simple the bottle is? This is my first (and only BUTTER London nail polish and I am so excited to try it!) Granted I haven’t used it yet (same goes for a couple other nail polishes of this post) but I just know already that I’m going to love it! It's a dark blueish gray base with a ton of microscopic gold glitters that gives it that really cool blacked gold color!

CHANEL Blue Boy: This is the medium color of Chanel’s Jeans collection, which they came out with for FNO. It’s lighter than my usual fall/winter nail colors, which makes it even more exciting! I own quite a couple of blues but none like that one! It’s a cream( so no glitter) that is in between a blue jean and a blue sky color.

CHANEL Black Pearl: You know this one already. All pretty and blue/green/black. I mean come on; it’s like a liquid black pearl in a bottle. What’s not to like?

CHANEL Peridot: You probably guessed it by now; I’m a SUCKER for duo-chromes! They are so unexpected and pretty! This one ranges from gold to turquoise to dark blue. I could watch it for hours. And it’s so fun to see people reactions when they see your nail color change! Now I am aware this color isn’t for everyone, but if you like experimenting with your nails do give this one a go (I know it carries a hefty price tag, but I personally LOVE Chanel nail polishes :/ )

CHANEL Graphite: The more wearable family member of Chanel’s recent collection. It’s a very glittery graphite-y (DUH) gray with lite green reflects! Another one of those colors you can’t stop to stare at! Chanel really has done it this time for me, all these gorgeous metallic melt my heart!

MAC Deep Sea: A creamy dark forest green. Now that is a color I never get tired of.  It’s dark enough to be understated and appropriate but not too dark that you can’t see the green!

SALLY HANSEN Co-Bolt Blue: It’s that perfect Indigo blue. I kind of wish it wasn’t shimmery but the cream ones always end up looking black on the nails. This is a luminous cobalt blue. Plus I’ll say this again: I love Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri formula because it dries so fast! 

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