October 3, 2011

CHANEL Illusion d'Ombres in Epatant

I am aware that these are probably one of fall's most talked about product but I just couldn't resist reviewing it myself. 

So a quick run through the CHANEL Illusion d'Ombres. They are some kind of creamy, moussy, fluffy consistency that deposits a somewhat sheer (not excessively so though) color with maximum shine and pretty glitterness! :)
It comes with a tiny angled brush that has a cap, so it is perfect to carry around with you. 

The color I have is Epatant. It is described as khaki silver. I find it a lot more silver than anything in the pot at least. Once applied, you get a slight khaki undertone.
I initially had a very hard time using thing and didn’t like it very much! I used to use the brush they give with the product, and it would apply a thick very cool silver coat that would crease in about 2 hours (with primer).

Recently though, I decided to try to use it with my finger, dabbing the smallest amount all over my lid. TADA. A revelation! I got a thin super sparkly wash of color with those khaki undertones. My eyes looked like a stormy night sky. It lasted ALL day (with primer) if you were wondering!
So yes, I am officially hooked! This kids, is why you should allow yourself some playtime with new products!

I am not sure if this new love is a good thing or not, just because although they are to die for, they certainly do not come for free. And now I WANT THEM ALL!

So if you have not tried these, do yourself a favor and run to your nearest CHANEL counter and at least swatch them!

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  1. Wow that color sounds amazing. I love the metallic trend in makeup! Great blog! Newest follower!