May 28, 2011

The Perfect Summer Lipstick Courtesy of YSL

Summer is all about really bright lips. But it's not always very easy to wear, or appropriate for where you are going. That's when YSL's Rouge Couture n17 Rose Dahlia comes in! 

First of all, it's YSL. Isn't it enough? As always the packaging is to die for ( except for the inevitable finger prints)! The rectangle little gold case, the red "YSL". Aaaaah, pure art! It is the chicest thing to pull out of your bag and reapply. 
The thing I always hated about their lipsticks though was how creamy they were. Yes, they were moisturizing but their lasting power was --NADA. So what's the point of wearing lipstick if it won't survive getting out our house. Plus, I find they applied a little unevenly on the lips. Anyways, I had great hopes for the Rouge Couture. And I was RIGHT !
It isn't as moisturizing, but it isn't drying at all! It was a good staying power, I'd say, if you don't eat or drink, between 2-4 hours. And the color applies very evenly with a satin finish. 

I got this at the Makeup Show, and completely fell in love with the color ( so did my mom and friend by the way, we all got one). Rose Dahlia n17 is a coral-y pink( although it shows more red on the picture). 
I love coral and hot/neon lips  lips but find that the bright shade is a little inappropriate for some places, especially for younger girls, like me. This one is great because it is neither too pink, neither too orange, so it's very wearable!
It can be applied sheerly or built up into a more intense color. So it can be worn on any occasion. Or non-occasion. It seriously goes with pretty much anything!

This one will definitely NOT leave my bag and become my summer go to!
Check it out if you can. It's really worth it! Although the price tag is a little aggressive. At least go and swatch it! 

What is your summer go to lipstick?

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