May 29, 2011

Mascara Collection and quick review

I have to admit it... I am a bit of a mascara whore! Although, not to boast or anything but I have been doing some very good progress on impulse buying and finishing them up!
Here is a quick view at my collection: 

MAC False Lashes: This is probably my holy grail mascara! Sadly I finished it. I might repurchase once I emptied some of my other mascaras. I this came out with the Marcel Wanders collection. The packaging is carved and shiny. I personally really like I find it original and cool. The brush is big and dense and the formula is wet without being excessively so.. It elongates your lashes and gives them volume! I LOVE it!

Maybelline Lash Stiletto: This one is a dark dusty blue. It's decent but not miraculous. I don't wear too much. But I remember I liked it a couple of years ago (different bottle of course!). I gives zero volume though lol. But it does lengthen and separate!

MUFE Aqua Smokey Lash: Okay, I am sorry but I did not like this! It was too clumpy and obvious for my taste. Did it give great lenght and volume? Yes. But I like my lashes to be more separated and evenly coated. I used when I did dark eyes to go out. But other wise, it wasn't shown much love.. :/. Also the waterproofness made it IMPOSSIBLE to get off.

Stila Lash Visor: This has the same big brush the MAC mascara has but the formula is a lot drier. It's a nice daytime mascara as it creates natural and separated lashes. 

Maybelline The Falsies: I was really disappointed by this. I don't know if it's because I was expecting too much due to all the hype but I was expecting longue, thick, fluttery lashes. But it didn't do anything for me. So it's a major fail... :(

The following ones are mostly samples, but I find they last so long....

Givenchy Phenomen' Eyes Waterproof: This is the one with the little torture ball as a brush :) Mine is a bright blue color which I love for summer! It's not extremely volumizing or lengthening but it's nice for a hot and humid summer day. It's a fun and subtle pop of color. 
Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara: This is the latest addition to my little mascara family. It has a teeny, tiny brush to get those bottom lashes (hence the name, duh!) and doesn't smudge. I find it really intensifies your eyes in a very smoldering and understated way. 

Buxom Lash: This has a really long rubber wand with spiky bristles. It really defines and separates my lashes which makes them look and thick.'

Stila Glamorous Eyes: Same concept as the MAC one (AGAIN) but less lengthening. I have been using it as a replacement thought and I am very satisfied.

Smashbox LASH DNA: This one has a really weird HUGE, twisted brush. I personally find it a little big for my eyes but it's not too bad. The mascara itself seems to have fibers in it, which I always find pretty cool! 

Clinique Lash Doubling : This has a piramide shaped brush that is pretty thin. It really lengthens my lashes and makes them separated!

Excuse to repetitiveness of this post. Can you notice a pattern in my mascara choices? :)
What are your favorite mascaras? Which ones do you recommend?

The BeautyFull Mind...


  1. My favorite mascaras are Maybelline Great Lash BIG and Cargo Lash Activator :)

  2. I'll definitely check them out :)