April 20, 2011

NUXE Sérum Crème Fraiche de Beauté

A lot of you ( from the US at least) probably don't know a lot about NUXE, as I don't think it is sold here. It is a french brand that does many beauty product concerning a variety of issues. I personally love this brand, and never fail to stock up on a couple of products anytime I go to France. 

Last time I went, as I entered the store to repurchase my beloved Planter's moisturizer (check out my review here) I stopped at the NUXE counter and my attention fell on this product the Sérum Crème Fraiche de Beauté is a '24hr moisturizing anti-fatigue concentrate for face and eye contour'. And after a long consideration and a little help from the sales woman, I decided to swap the thick cream for this fast absorbing serum. 
I use it as a night moisturizer and an eye cream in the morning.

-fast absorbing
-fresh, non overpowering scent
- works great as an eye cream under concealer
- nice packaging ( pump, glass bottle)
-moisturizes nicely
-works for all skin types ( says the bottle)

-Not very available all over the world
- Would like a little bit of a thicker formula sometimes. I like feeling my face slathered in cream. Makes me think I can feel it being moisturized. 
- Glass bottle could break ( I guess?)

As you can see, it was pretty hard to find cons for this products, and they were pretty rubbish. I am really liking this so far. I am still waiting to see how long the bottle lasts me.  It isn't a miracle worker, it won't do anything magical for your skin, but then again it doesn't claim that does it :)
It is just a good moisturizer. 

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