April 28, 2011

And there goes another review: Clarins Eclat du jour.

Yes, I know what you are thinking: "ANOTHER moisturizer review???". Well, I probably said it before, I went a little skin care crazy on my last trip.
Today I'll be talking about Clarins' Eclat du Jour Daily Energizing Lotion Spf 15.

I used to use this last summer. It was pretty nice but it had no SPF and was in a jar, which were the two things that annoyed me the most about that product. So you must imagine that when I saw they came out with this product I JUMPED on it! The Eclat du Jour line is specifically designed for young skins and it is supposed to accentuate the brightness and freshness of your skin. 

- SPF 15
- PUMP bottle
- Gel consistency absorbs fast.
- Lovely, fresh scent of plants.
-Brightens the skin.
- Moisturizes well for a normal skin. (they also have a cream version for drier skin)
-Didn't break me out.
-Works perfectly under makeup.

-Very small bottle (1oz)
-Bottle is made of glass 
- Need about 3-4 pumps to cover my whole face and neck ( note I like to apply a thick layer of moisturizer)

Overall, I like this very much, and it would be pretty perfect if it would be for the puny amount of product you get. I will repurchase depending on how long this bottle lasts me. I am pretty skeptical though because I have had it for a month and can already see that the product has gone down quite a lot. I will definitely be trying their new Daily Energizer Wake-up booster, which is basically a really light morning toner. 

What is your current moisturizer? Do you like it?

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