November 28, 2010

New Holy Grail?!

I think this moisturizer made it's way to Holy Grail status!

Before I rave I do have to warn you guys, this is a french product. I do not know if you can get it outside of France. I haven't seen it in the US but I think you can get it online.

PLANTER'S Crème Réparatrice is a moisturizer made with Aloe Vera and is very much organique. It is very thick and moisturizing. Now, I can hear all you oily-skinned screaming and running away, but DONT! I have normal to oily skin and this works amazingly well for me. I use it only at night though because it is so thick, but it does wonders whether my is dry-ish and irritated or a complete grease ball. I don't know how it does it but its great.

It is marketed to be for all skin types, useful throughout the whole year. It says it will protect and regenerate your skin. 
I have to say, it does do all that. 

 Planter's Crème Réparatrice swatched

I discovered this while I was in Greece. My skin started drying out terribly. Salt water was a disaster! It made my face tight like nothing else, I could hardly talk. So I dug this cream out of my toiletries and two days later, the irritation and dryness was almost completely gone. I haven't stopped using it since, and don't regret a minute of it.

I think this retails for about 12euros (= 16$) for a 150ml tube which lasts forever. To me this was 100% worth my money and I will definitely repurchase, over and over again. 

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