March 29, 2011

How I saved my hair

My hair is mad. It has been a long, dry, cold winter and it's getting sick of it. Naturally, I am the one that has to pay the consequences with almost daily bad hair days. It's dry, it's brittle and it's just plain bad.
Thankfully, my mom was noticing the same thing with her hair and decided to look around and give it back some life. After some little shopping around she finally found the products that saved my life! 

Oh! Jurlique Arnica Mint Shampoo and Moroccanoil Intensive hydrating mask! How much I love you! I usually do not show any specific love or devotion to shampoos and conditioner. They wash and detangle. period. Well I rest my case! These took my hair from a bundle of hay to being silky, shiny, soft! Never will I let these go! Not during winter at least!

Granted, these aren't exactly mine, and my mom now labels me at "Shampoo stealer" after the numerous times I kept these hostage in my shower. Oh how many times the last 2 weeks I have heard her screaming after me when, mid shower, she realized I had once again took them away and forgotten to bring them back. But they are just so amazing!

The shampoo is actually a daily clarifying shampoo with as the name says contains mint and arnica. Now I would usually be a little skeptical about using a clarifying product more than once every two weeks, simply because I don't want my hair to get used to the clarifying effect. Yet, the results were so nice I couldn't resist! Plus it smells MARVELOUS!

The conditioner, well, mask is a  thick white consistency, like a cream. I have never seen a product this hydrating. I apply it just on my ends and about 3 inches up ( higher would grease it up). Once again it smells delicious!

So here is how my winter hair went from greasy roots and dead, split-ended looking ends to a soft, silky and shiny mane!

What have your winter hair savers been? Ready lock them away for the hotter months? hopefully.

The BeautyFull Mind...

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