March 3, 2011

"Feburary Snapshot"


I was wondering what to include into my Feburary Favorites as I didn't want to always mention the same products and bring something new to the table. In my roaming, I was saw this post on Beauty, Bows & Brogues, and thought it looked like a great idea! Tell me what you think about it! Traditional? Snapshot? Maybe a bit of both :)

Now, I repeat what everyone keeps on saying EVERY MONTH : "Omg [insert month] on by soo fast!" We all feel the same way. I feel like the older we get, the faster times goes by. A little scary i think! 

Listening to: The Drums, Neon Trees, Two Door Cinema Club, Mumford and sons, Crystal Castles.

Reading: Mostly books for school such as The Canterbury Tales, but I am attempting to start The Scarlet Letter. I love old classics!

Watching:  Skins UK (<3), 90210, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice. Yes I am a little of a tvshow-oholic. 

Buying: I have gotten back to buying a little makeup this month (hadn't in a while). But I'm finally realizing I WAAAAAY enough ( about 15 lipsticks, 10 blushes, 30 eyeshadows too late). So I'm off it again. until the IMATS at least :) 

Wanting: MY IPHONE BACK! ( got stolen), Macbook Pro (getting into the whole Apple craze a little), and Clothes! 

Trying: To do my best in school and considering trying bright make up. And update this blog more regularly.

Loving: Bronze skin and brighter cheeks. Bedhead hair. 

Planning: My summer! I want to go to London see my friends and do a course or something. Open to suggestions! :)

Making: Nothing particularly exciting as of the moment.

Writing : more often on this blog--hopefully. 

Inspired by: other bloggers that I love reading, make up artists. With fashion week  after fashion week, I'm kind of in a phase of amazement at their work!

Image source: Tmblr

The BeautyFull Mind...


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