March 10, 2011

Brand I'm lusting for...

Exams done. I am finally back. 
I am watching AModelRecommends' new video about Becca Cosmetics  (watch it here ) and I am slowly falling in love with the brand! 
Recently I have see it everywhere and it is becoming more and more tempting to try it! 
It is on the pricey side which sets me back every time I have a chance to get something but I will FOR SURE try some products when I go to the makeup show! 
Until then here are the products I have my eye on: 

Luminous Skin Color: AModelRecommends says this is the brand's "holy grail" type of products. It is supposed to even out skin tone, make it more glow-y and healthy looking. Sounds like just about everything I'm looking for :)

Shimmering Skin Perfector: I have heard so much about this! It's a luminizer that apparently looks completely flawless and natural, like your skin is actually glowing from beneath! I really like these kind of extra oomph that you can't really identify. For the skin at least. 

Eye Tints:  They are supposed to be a sheer, natural looking cream shadow that is water resistant, crease resistant. It sets as a powder and doesn't move after. They seem really nice for quick, on the go eye fixes. Heard alot of good things of Baroque. Gilt and Vicuna sound very nice too!

Beach Tint: Now I haven't heard a lot of hype about this products but I found it on the website and it looks pretty good. Its marketed as a water resistant, streak free, non greasy and non drying lip and cheek tint. Once again sounds great for those of those quick on the go makeups. Or once again those no-makeup makeup looks. Which is Becca's whole view of things! 

Did any of you try Becca ?

The BeautyFull Mind...

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