February 23, 2011

To dupe or not to dupe?


So as I had mentioned ( I think) in my Florida HAUL, I got a Sally Hansen nailpolish that looked like a good dupe for Chanel's new Black Pearl. Surprise, Surprise, when I got home, my mom had gotten it for me :)
So I will today, compare both and tell you if you can get that nailpolish for $2.50! Yep, big savings!

I should probably start by mentioning that the Sallly Hansen nail polish is called "Gunmetal".

At first glance, they are rather similar. They both fit in that steel-y, gray, metallic family. When you actually look at them though, side by side, you can see that the Chanel one is has a green duochrome the Sally Hansen one does not possess. S.H is alot bluer.
Also, the Chanel one is a tad bit darker. 
As to the application, they both went on pretty well. I thought the S.H brush picked up ALOT of product, and even after taking the excess out, there was still too much on the brush. But that is a whooole other story.

Too middle fingers painted with Chanel Black Pearl
Two extremities painted with Sally Hansen Gunmetal


I would like to add, I hadn't added a topcoat when the picture was taken. This might contribute to the slight lack of shiny-ness. 
As you can see, on the nails, the difference is hardly noticeable. Chanel's green sheen is only noticeable when the light reflects from it.
I am wearing both nailpolishes (same as in picture) and no one has noticed. Even when I told them. So that speaks for itself.

Overall, I think it is a good dupe. And for the money you are saving, it's really worth it. Unless you express an undying love for that mossy green duochrome ( which I have to say, I quite like). So if you really like that color, but aren't ready to spend 25$ on it, the Sally Hansen is the way to go!

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