February 19, 2011

How I met Tom...


I am back from Florida and have a ton of blogposts coming up! So look out for that :)

I'm sure you all know that the this week was New York Fashion Week. I had the chance to meet Tom Pecheux and watch him do the makeup for one of his shows, and I thought I'd share with you the tips he gave me. I was at the Chado Ralph Rucci show. The look he created was VERY matte skin, nude lips and what he described as a "friendly" smokey eye. Very matte, very black. It was gorgeous! 

Tom Pecheux's makeup station

Tom Pecheux doing the "Model Eye"

"Model Eye" (whole face done except for second eye)
 Onto the tips then:

- First of all, he told me that what he though was the most important was the condition of the skin. When the skin looks good, everything else looks better. So girls, pamper yourself a little it will give your makeup that extra oomph. 

- I'm sure you all noticed that mattes are kind of a pain to work with, especially dark ones. To ensure that it doesn't look patchy, and that it blends well, POWDER your eyelid extremely well beforehand. Any sticky spots will create patchiness. If you forgot this step, try layering translucent powder and the shadow to blend it out a bit more.

-Now, I know I'm probably one of the only ones but I just can't stand nude lips. On me at least. They just make me look so unhealthy. Now this tip might help you nude lip haters like myself. Instead of your usual foundation or zombie colored lipstick, dab on a foundation TWO tones DARKER than your actual shade. This will "erase the color of your lips but not your lips themselves." 

-One last tip. Now this might only happen to me, but I find that when I try to do a really dark, black smokey eye, I end up looking a little mad. When I expressed my concern to Tom about this he advised me to concentrate the color on the outercorner of the eye. 

Hope these helped! I had an amazing time there! It was great to see how it all went down backstage! It's pretty intense. I did not know so many people worked on preparing a fashion show! It's about 3h-3.30h to prepare a 15 minutes show! 

'Till next time

The BeautyFull Mind...

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