February 9, 2011

DAY 6: Your Favorite Animal


I would say my favorite animal is my cat or my dog but that just sounds so boring. doesn't it? 
Honestly, I have recently had a little obsession of OWLS. The cartoon kind. It still counts though right? Lucky for me, I started liking them just when they became popular and were everywhere. I just found them really cute! My mom has caught on to the fact that I love them and at one point kept on buying me a bunch of owl figurines and such. Now my room looks a bit like an owl lady's home but, oh well, I quite like them! 

Image Source: cuteheaven.com
There's a movie called "The Legend of the Guardians" about owls also. I looved it! It was so cute! It was that kind of kids movies that is still fun to watch! The characters were really funny. Especially the little one that says jokes!
Enough rambling. 

What's your favorite animal?

 Have a good night/day!

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