February 7, 2011

DAY 5 REMIX: Anything Hello Kitty

Now, Day 5 was supposed to be something I like to do but right now it just wasn't inspiring me AT ALL. So maybe I'll get back to it, or maybe I'll just skip it!

Now, I am not a huge Hello Kitty fan. I like her I just never find myself buying Hello Kitty stuff for some reason. The new collection at Sephora for example, it just doesn't appeal to me! It reminds me of the makeup I had when I was little. Not a very good association. 

So I will show the only Hello Kitty item i own. I know I am a sad excuse for a girl...
  My MAC Hello Kitty makeup bag. I got this before I got into makeup. I didn't even know what MAC was, I just saw this and really liked it. 

It is a very good makeup bag. It finds a TON of stuff.

What's your favorite Hello Kitty item? Makeup bag?

The BeautyFull Mind...

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