January 9, 2011

Favorite lipsticks :)

Now I won't do 2010 favorites like everyone else, because first of all it is way too late for that and second I switch up my makeup too much to be able to find particular products that I used more than others this year. 
That said, I will be doing a series of favorites type of products ( lipsticks, blushes, ect.) 
 On to it now:


CHANEL Rouge Allure in Insouciante: I have pretty pigmented and I'm not a huge fan of very nudes. I feel like they wash me out. This is more of a tawny nude and it very sheer, yet can be built up. This is why I really like it. This picture does make it look a bit pinkier than real life, it's a bit browny-er. I usually won't go nuder than that. I also really like the finish which is very satin-y and glowy.


MAC Shy Girl: This is peachy-er nude. I really like it for that barely there, but style polished look. It's a creamsheen so it's pretty moisturizing. I find it can look a bit uneven if your lips aren't smooth though.



Revlon Colorburst in Peaches: Revlon Colorburst are probably my favorite kind of lipstick. The colors are absolutely gorgeous, the stay on a long time, they are a tiny bit drying, I completely over look that. This one is Peaches, is great is a very subtle orange-y pink that is very easy to wear and really wakes up the complexion.


MAC Viva Glam Gaga: A beautiful, light pink. I love this one because I find the cool undertone really bring out my blue eyes. AT first I didn't like it, I thought it was too light, but now that I'm paler it's just absolutely gorgeous.

Maybelline Color Sensational in Pink Me Up: I used to hate this one too ( shocker) lol. But as it grew older it became waxier. Now I know this probably mean it would be time to through it out but I can't bring myself to it. The color is gorgeous, it just makes anything instantly very polished. And it's weird texture make it stay on forever which is one of the things I look for the most in a lipstick since I hate having to reapply all the time.


Revlon Colorburst in Coral: This color is just amazing! It's a very orange-y red ( duh hence the name) that is very brightening. Looks great in the summer with tanned skin, but find it works in the winter too. I wear it alot when I go out. I just can't get enough of this color. 


CHANEL Glossimer in 04: Now this is a bit of an extra one, I know gloss isn't a lipstick but I thought I would through in a special shoutout for this one. I don't know if I told you guys before but I do not like gloss. I just have a hard time with all the sticky-ness and non-long-lasting-ness. This one though was different! It is not sticky at all, it lasts a decent amount of time and the color is just so damn gorgeous! It's a kind of darker red color with hints of pink when it's on the lips. I just adore it!

So that is it for my favorite lipsticks. Leave me a comment telling me yours.
Have a nice sunday (once again) lol

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