January 9, 2011

Help anyone...?

I know I haven't posted in forever I was just in a very lazy mood and just felt like watching movies for the past month. So I have done. 
I am officially back now ( I know, I know, felt like you heard that before too?)
 But before I need your help. 
Something weird, and very annoying, has been happening to me concealer wise. 
Recently I have been noticing that whenever I wear concealer, my undereye area looks very cakey. I thought it was my concealer, but it did the same thing with an other one. I put hydrating eye cream day and night so I don't think its a matter of dehydration. 
Do any of you have any tip on how to fix that? 
Thaanks in advance.

Have a lovely sunday,

The BeautyFull Mind...

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