December 9, 2010

Shall we go to Target?

This late afternoon I went on a last minute trip to Target and Costco. For almost the first time in my life, I have been VERY GOOD. I bought almost nothing. ALMOST, of course, or I wouldn't be writing this post :) 
I did get a black cardigan because I am longing my Zara one I bought this summer and until I can go get it again I will do with this one. 
  I have a dress code at my school. Grey pants/skirt/dress, white blouse, navy or gray sweater and dark, one colored shoes. Boring isn't it. So because of this dress code, almost all my dresses are grey, and during the weekend, I want to wear ANYTHING but gray. So I got this cute dress. It's flow-y in a black very thin fabric. 

Lace details

 Btw, I got both of these 50% off ( so for about 11$ each). Don't you just love sales on already ridiculously cheap things? :)
Also, the Oh-so-sweet Chloe from Allforfashion, was nice enough to get me an eyeshadow from the C.C.O when she went. Its gorgeous and I love it. So thaank you soo much! ♥
I know I'm on Project 10 Pan, but it was a present. So it doesn't really count. Right?

MAC Cut to Fit (Frost)

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