December 13, 2010

Dear Santa...

Aaah, Christmas time is back one more. Probably my favorite time of the year. It's the break (soon), freezing crispy air, hot tea and chocolate to warm your hands on, snow (hopefully). And of course, presents.
Weirdly, this year I don't really know what I want for Christmas. I usually have a 2 miles long list ready by mid november for Christmas, but this year, ideas seem to be missing. 

But of course I do have a couple of ideas on what I want. So this is what I will be asking for:


I have heard so many good things about this. It is supposed to clear up your skin, make it super healthy, and all these good things. I actually went to buy it with my mom when Sephora was having 20% Off but will only get it Christmas day. So I'm excited for that. 

- SIGMA Premium Professional Kit 

I have the original kit and I adore it. This one seems even better, it has all the less traditional brushes. It just looks so good. Its like candy for me :)

What will you be asking for Christmas?


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