October 14, 2011

Brand Crush: Clarins

You know that moment when you try to a couple of products from a brand and suddenly realize you're really loving said brand? Like a revelation?

Well I recently had one of those moments. With Clarins. I never paid much attention to them, I always pictured them as boring, nothing revolutionary. This summer though I tried (or retried rather) their Eclat du Jour line formulated for younger skins, and well let me tell you, my skin has never looked better! I wish I had before/after pictures to show you but I didn't think it would work so well! The range is formulated to make your skin look radiant and to get rid on any little imperfection thanks to plant extract (now keep in mind, it probably won't do much if you have a lot of acne). I do feel that my skin is more radiant and less imperfect. I use the wake up toner every morning as well as the moisturizer with SPF. The only thing that is annoying about it? You can't get it in the US! :( Not yet at least.)

The other product I tried that made me fall in love with the brand is one I stole from my mom. Recently my lips got really dry it was horrible! So I went in my mom's beauty cabinet (like any dutiful daughter would do) and I found Clarins' Extra-Firming Lip & Contour Balm. Now I don't know about the whole firming effect but it sure moisturizes really well! I think it's going to quickly make its way up my "Winter Essentials" list!

So do you have any miraculous new finds? What are they? 

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