June 27, 2011

Creme the blush. A not so hot pink blush.

Yes I know what you are thinking when you see this " Z'Omygod! Hello Clown face!". But do not fear my friends, for this is a no makeup neutral girl's dream, and a makeup hoarder,  and aventurière's worst nightmare!

First of all about the blush formula itself. This is a mousse blush that comes in a little pot and it is probably one of the most silicone-y products I have ever seen. ( feels the exact same as L'oreal 's magic base) So yes, it softer than a baby's bottom, and yes it makes your cheeks look smooth, smooth, smooth.
 No need to say that if you are embracing the more organic beauty, this may not be for you. 
Other than that, the packaging is it's usual YSL gorgeous and luxe self. It may be a little inconvenient and bulky to carry around though. But then again, who really wants to take this little jewel away from the top of their vanity? ( no but, seriously guys, it's been about 2 months and I still haven't managed). Also, BEWARE the corners are sharp! You could kill someone with that thing! Or at least hurt yourself. Not saying that I have *cough*. 

Now, on to the crazy color that you see in that little pot. Yes I know, it looks Oh-hollymollie-motherofacow-whathappenedhere-crazy pink. Yes this is what I thought. But in reality, the mousse loses most of it's pigment when applied on the skin. 
So on one hand you get that i'm not wearing blush look, but on the other hand you applied the product but it hardly shows up. 

I can't really make up my mind about this! I like that it's subtle and that it's virtually impossible to over blush, but I hate that there is so little pigment and that about a minute after application it is almost completely gone. 

I use it when I have a pretty bright eye, because I'm sure the blush won't end up competing. So I do use it but I am still a little disappointed although I knew the pigmentation wasn't Bamchickawowwow! 

Over all, I'd say this is nice but not a must have for anyone. Even those no makeup girls, although you might enjoy it more. 

The BeautyFull Mind...

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