April 13, 2011



So here is a little run-through every I bought at the IMATS. I am so excited by everything I bought! The quality is amazing!

Yaby Palette: I have no idea what the name of this is, but it's amazingly gorgeous! It's all very shimmery colors. Mostly brights, but a couple of neutrals. They are the MOST pigmented shadows I have ever owned. I am in complete awe in front of these!

L-R: Twirl, Obscure, Cherry Bomb, Nori

OCC Loose Colors: These are also the most amazing colors ever! They are not one bit boring! Twirl is a beige-y color with an orange duo chrome, Obscure is a white with a blue/green duo chrome. I just love how they change colors under the light. Cherry Bomb is an amazing shimmery hot, hot pink. I actually got this because I thought it would make an amazing lip color! And finally Nori is a hunter green with a slight bluish shimmer. I can't stop starring at them! 

L-R: Strumpet, Hoochie, Trollop,Beta, Cha-Cha
OCC Lip Tars: I have heard SO much hype about these products. I was DYING to try them. They are supposed to have supernatural staying power. I haven't properly tested them so I can testify on that. yet. I have put only Trollop which is beautiful and Cha-Cha. Now I have to say I am quite disappointed by Cha-Cha. I thought it would be a nice light peach ( think Jazzed by MAC) but it looked really awkward on me. First it made me look brown, as in over-tanned, fake, ugly,dirty brown. And second, it had a bit of a jizz-lip effect, yummy(not). So I don't know what I'm going to do with that one. Maybe it will work for Halloween. We'll see when the time comes I guess.

LimeCrime Airborne Unicorne: Now I didn't actually get this at the IMATS, more like at the SpaceNK a block away, but I had been wanting to try this lipstick for so long I simply couldn't resist. The first time I tried it I was a little ambivalent, but I find that it actually kind of grew on me. Plus I love the hot-ish, pink stain it fades to be. 

I also got facechart, love those! I never have enough, and another Zpalette. I wanted the leopard one but they were out of it to my desperation. Next time :)

B-F: Royal Blue, Electric, Fushia Fusion, Purple Splash (mascara)
Treasure Hunt

LA SPLASH Eyeliners: I already had a couple of their eyeliners and loved them. So when I saw they were at the IMATS I jumped on the occasion of getting more. I'm really getting into the whole color blocking trend, so I thought that getting bright colored eyeliners where an easy way to wear that trend. I'm so excited to try them!

Miss Adoro lashes: They were having a 12 for 24$ deal. So my friend decided to split it, 6 each. I tried to get a wide variety of styles. We'll see how I manage to use them as I'm not a huge false lashes person.

T-B: Baby Dome C180, Contour shadow C265, Smudger BE07
 Royal & Langnickel brushes: I had never heard of this brand of ridiculously cheap brushes! Cheap yes, but still wonderfull! They have an INSANE amount of choices and they are SO soft!  I got the C180 because it looked like a dupe for MAC109, and it's exactly what I image the 109 to be so I am over the moon. I finally found a brush that works well to use my MAC Blunt. I haven't really tried the other two, so I don't know too much about them, but the shaped just seemed so interesting!

BeautySoClean Sanitizing Wipes: These are cosmetic sanitizing wipes for cream products. They due what they say. A must for make up artists.

MAKE-UP ARTIST MAGAZINE subscription: I had heard of this before and always wanted to try but I never knew where to get it. So I subscribed and got this month's issue at the IMATS. Haven't read it yet but it seems so fun! It's all about make-up, from the movies, etc. 

So that is it. I had such a great time (as I probably said about 10 times earlier) I love these kind of events. They make me want to stay locked up all day and just do makeup, makeup, makeup!

Have a good night,

The BeautyFull Mind...

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