February 1, 2011


While browsing through Christine Iversen's blog, I saw she was doing a 30 day challenge and thought it would be a fun thing to try and would help me keep up with my blogging :)
So basically, there is a list of post to do, one a day for 30 days, about your favorite things, things you want, etc.
So on we go for day one: Your favorite eyeliner

I love a lot of eyeliner depending on their color. I have to say though their is one particular brand/type that has caught my attention as an overall, and that is : MUFE Aqua Eyes. 
I really really like these! The colors and the payoff are great and most of all the staying power is isane! 
I have to say they are a bit pricey at 17$ THE eyeliner, but soooooo worth it!
Anyways MUFE always has great deals were you can get 3 or 4 for the price of two. 
I highly recommend these!

Image Source: Mac-uponmymind.blogspot.com

What is your favorite eyeliner?

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