January 20, 2011

I have sinned...

Hello :)

Now, now..this is a haul :/ 
I know I said I was doing Project 10 Pan, but my products just seem to be NEVER ENDING! Of course, I have finished about 20 skincare, haircare, body care and lip balms, but I really wanted to keep this make up related. But I am very ashamed to say that I give up. I will maybe start again later , and will keep up on the products I finish but I do not have enough self power to continue. Especially with my trip to florida coming up. :)

So all this to say I went to Duane Reade today and could not resist. I bought a blush and two nail polishes. I haven't tried to products yet, except the blush that I just applied to try out. I am about to do my nails with the nail polishes so. So swatches might come up soon.

PHYSICIANS FORMULA Happy Booster Blush in Rose

This blush is a mosaic of hearts in different shades of pink. It is gorgeous! I apply it with a SS187 due to my lack of skills in the domain of blush ( yes, I am a bit embarrassed to say so). Yet, it gives me the pretties pink flush and a very nice glow. It smells A-MA-ZING! The packaging says it's violet, I have no idea if it's true to life but I just love it. It claims to make you happier. Now, I don't think it works but then again who knows. Lastly, it's paraben free which is always a plus.

OPI The Show Must Go On

It is a shimmery bright red with red shimmer. You would think its very boring hu? Well, it isn't. It has the pretties coppery-gold duo chrome. So I guess it's more of a red with gold glitter then lol. 

OPI Bring On The Bling

This a shimmery top coat kind of nailpolish. I am really loving those at the moment. It gold with multicolored glitters. It will probably be sheer and couple of coats will be needed for it to be reasonably opaque, but I am really excited about it :)

That is it for my little sinful, drugstore haul. 

The BeautyFull Mind...


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