December 22, 2010

Used up so far....

Who would have thought using up products was this hard. Beauty gurus and bloggers always made it look so easy.... I have been at it for almost a month and hardly any products are used up. This is slowly becoming a bit of a drag... I did finish a tone of face care but since it's the makeup i wanted to downsize, I thought it useless to count the face creams, washes, etc.
None the less, I am proud to say I did finish a couple of products.

-Clarins Gelee Eclat du Jour: Now, I know I just said that I didn't count face creams and such but I was so eager to finish this one that I thought it should count. It is a gel like consistency, smells very nice, fresh. It is advertised as being a moisturizer for a younger audience. The website describes it as  " matifying and invigorating, this gel gives your skin a balanced hydration throughout the day. Not greasy, it is also an excellent makeup base." It does do that more or less. I was a bit  disappointed by it, but I think it's because I was expecting too much of it. Also, I was a bit annoyed at the fact that it didn't contain SPF. 

- Rimmel London Sexy Curves Waterproof: This mascara didn't particularly stand out for me. It was pretty good in the summer when I didn't want to wear a lot of makeup or look like I was wearing any. It slightly curled my lashes, nothing outstanding. It made them look pretty natural though.

-Maybelline Colossal Volume Express: I really liked this mascara. It's the kind that you slap on and go. It defined my lashes very well and gave them a bit of volume and length. Once again it was pretty natural. I really liked it for everyday use. It was great in the morning when I was late because it's the kind of mascara you can put on without looking. 

So here you go. I am slowly and not very efficiently using up other products. Hopefully it will go a bit faster from now on.
Tell me your thoughts on these products and what have you been using up?

The BeautyFull mind... 

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